Innovation is Not About Recreating the Wheel

It is about empowering the neglected & underserved market of investors

We must come together and raise our first $250k during the Pre-IPO Phase in the next 30 days

Live Zoom Call for all Investors September 10, 2021 6pm CDT

Change starts now. Are you tired of being targeted by the mainstream marketing, promising to get you rich? Everywhere you look, there is a business and real estate investment guru panhandling a product and service that never delivers the way it is presented.

People want things to change, but they are bombarded with so much marketing hype, it is hard to separate the trash from the good. They target you by emotions, which leads to impulse purchases and when that hyped up feeling goes away, you are left unfulfilled.

We must come together and raise our first $250,000 within the next 30 days from as many neglected and underserved investors as we, to help financially position them with equity stock in our Pre-IPO before we apply to become publicly trading. This is a real process to financial freedom for all of us. Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and others big companies did not give you any Pre-IPO stock until it hit the retail market at 100 times the cost. This is the wealth gap and how they continue to increase it through you and deceptive marketing hype. Why would you invest in a company at $50 per share when you have an opportunity to invest early at pennies on the dollar. Majority of these crowdfunding campaigns are not talking about going public. These other business’s products and services are not proven to scale in the market. That is why they are over hyped with marketing. Real estate investing in turn-key multifamily assets is a real, proven, solid, and scalable lifetime hard assets. Going public is the exit strategy, it is your liquidity, and it is your leverage to increase your wealth through our shareholdings.

In our live Zoom call, we are going to change this pattern of deception through the process of awareness, so that everyone can benefit from making an informed choice. First, we must get away from some of these financial myths, tools of servitude, distractions, and institutional practices such as:

Credit Repair?

Your credit is not broken. You are the credit. Understanding business and commerce will help you realize your status as the creditor in every financial transaction.

Real Estate Investing is Easy?

Real Estate investing is not easy. There is a learning curve. There are institutional rules you must follow to easily invest. You must qualify for a loan and focusing on credit repair is barrier that prevents your success in real estate investing. Real Estate investing is a team sport. Leverage is the power play. The real estate gurus might teach this but do not show you how to do it.

Homeownership is an investment?

Homeownership is not an investment; it is a liability from the start. First, your home does not cashflow. You are responsible for the maintenance and any other expenses that may arise from your purchase, Second, your income is the only source of income. So, how is your house an investment? Define investment and its attributes and you will have your answer. (Looking forward to feedback on this one) Notes: invest means to apply money for profit. Profit means excess revenues over expenditures.

Overhyped Investment Opportunities?

There is a battle between crowdfunding and venture capital funding. The prize is you. Since the democratization of capital, venture capitalist and the followers of their methodology are using marketing hype to lure in the neglected and underserved market of investors created under the Jobs Act. Prior to legislation you did not exist to them other than being a retail investor that they could sell their inflated stock price to, for an exit strategy in the company they got to invest early in. Some funding portals aid in the hyping up of certain businesses that are largely funded by venture capitalist, in what we believe is an intent to manipulate the people in believing it was funded by an actual crowd of the neglected and underserved investors. It is the exact opposite, and we want to empower this crowd.

Get rich Quick Pitches?

Get rich quick pitches have unrealistic goals for success. In realty, if was easy as they say it is, then everyone would have some level of success in their life. They view the people or perceive them to be as subjects. The people are taxed with the idea of what success is and then they invest their capital without receiving equal value in return. No recourse for the people and the gurus, continue to live their lavish materialistic lifestyles off the desires of the people. You see this in marketing all the time. The one thing that separates us from them is our disclosure requirements under the Securities and Exchange Commission. We subject ourselves to the public scrutiny of our business model for the protection of the public. No get rich quick guru will do that.

Celebrity Endorsements

Another marketing ploy to try to bring creditability to a product and service is a celebrity endorsement. Celebrities are paid to promote a product. Think about that for a minute. People go crazy over celebrities or until they get cancelled by the public, but the product and service has already been bought and paid for. Again, you are the power behind all the success in business and commerce, that is why they market to you either ethically or in a deceptive way to get your capital, because without the people’s capital they would have no business to run. We recognize you and the power you have and we to embrace and harness it so you can start benefiting from it financially rather than being subject to it.

Internet Challenges?

Entertainment is a form of distraction, and this can be healthy and therapeutic, but it can also become addictive to a point where it becomes a distraction. Focus on the financial well-being of your family and help us ignite the path so we can start the process of reclaiming what has been stolen from us, our birth right. Real estate is real, and it is the foundation of our wealth. Internet challenges are social constructs created to take the focus of our progress.

Vanity Titles?

Beware of these titles. They have been given to everyone. They are used to put people into categories, groups, or various classes so the system can distinguish between when allotting resources to them. Here is one example of these classifications and their related resource:

creditor and debtor; this revolves around the access credit (resource). Many people assume that financial institutions issue credit and in doing so believe the banks are the creditor and the people or business who receive this credit are the debtors. This title when given have people acting in the capacity of this title which places them in servitude to the bank’s debt. Knowing the General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) will help establish the people as the real creditor in all banking and financial transactions, regardless of what they may have been taught previously. A side effect of this vanity title is the need for people to try and repair their credit to get a higher score. The credit score is not for you, it for the banks. Remember the banks write up the credit agreement not you. Their agreement is unilateral and only benefits them and it fails to disclose that 2 transactions are taking place instead of the one the people know and seem to understand based what has been provided to them. Under GAAP there is two sides of the ledger, and each bookkeeping entry has an offsetting entry. People are the credit, and their authorization is required in every credit transaction with a bank or financial institution. If this did not happen there would be no movement in commerce. 

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