Innovation is Not About Recreating the Wheel

It is about empowering the neglected & underserved market of investors

Pre-IPO Opportunity for Real Estate Investing with Passive Income & Equity Stock

Ever wanted to invest in real estate and get passive income, without the hassle of searching for the properties, qualifying for a loan, the fix & flip game, managing & collecting rent. Here is an opportunity for you, not to only build up your passive income but indirectly own cashing flowing real estate asset via equity stock. Best part there is no qualifying and no unnecessary credit checks.

Building financial independence through owning our equity stock direct and receiving passive income from real estate acquisitions will ensure our path to become a publicy traded company on the NYSE American. Come out to help and support this worthy community venture. People are stronger together.

I am the founder and CEO of Consumer Cooperative Group, an early to mid-stage real estate investment start-up that provides accessible and affordable investment opportunities under an innovative crowdfunding structure that provides flexibility for investors of different capital classifications.

The structure is tailored towards disadvantaged investors with low a capital budget, middle-class investors, and large institutional investors such as hedge funds, family offices, and others. The cooperative differentiates itself from similar models such as REITs by sourcing capital from disadvantaged low-income investors and focusing on the company’s 2 in 1 diverse portfolio structure: which is ownership of equity stock in the company that owns the real estate that is not leveraged in debt and the ownership rights in the passive income from the turn-key real estate cash-flow that is proportionate to the investor’s equity stock holdings.

My track record in real estate investing spans 25+ years of practical experience. My real estate methodology COOPONOMICS predates the Jobs Acts legislation and that experience alone, has helped me prepare to acquire the tools needed to merge real estate investing with the crowdfunding method.

From my vantage point as an underserved investor and entrepreneur I was in the best position to launch this real estate crowdfunding campaign in 2017 but was shut out of multiple funding portal platforms due to the fact that my methodology deals with the financial education and the upliftment of this underserved and disadvantage market of new investors under the Jobs Act.

I continued to bootstrap this start-up and persevered over the next few years by drafting and filing my current RegCF myself and it is currently running on the funding portal at TruCrowd. Additionally, I just completed my Regulation A+ (form 1-a) myself as well, and I am in the process of having it filed with the SEC for qualification and attempt to prepare for a direct listing on the NYSE American.

I am raising a Seed round for Consumer Cooperative Group to secure a broker-dealer and help create momentum so I can maximize our reach to the disadvantage and underserved investors who may not have heard about the new Jobs Act legislation and this offering, in hopes to prepare and position them financially by providing early access to our Pre-IPO.

Please feel free to learn more about Consumer Cooperative Group by reviewing our Regulation Crowdfunding campaign here.

I’d love to schedule a 30-minute call with you at your convenience, so that I can answer any questions you may have about Consumer Cooperative Group.

Thank you, for your consideration.

Tanen Andrews, Founder & CEO


Thank you for checking out what we have to offer I’m Tanen Andrews the founder and CEO

we have a project that will disrupt the REIT and real estate fund industry by focusing on  

the investors and their ability to invest at an affordable rate and also have the ability  

to profit share and not have to worry about management and unnecessary fees as we proceed

in this offering we will help guide you on the process so you will be able to participate with

confidence real estate investing has a direct connection to power and freedom whether you own

it directly or indirectly wealth can be generated and passed down to future generations to know this

power and freedom one must become aware of their position in the financial supply chain

this is the first step of leveling the financial playing field in your favor in today’s financial 

economy billions of dollars are taken every day from investors whether directly or indirectly by

the banks hedge funds and venture capitalist firms they are controlling a vast pool of your capital

that only benefits them i know you heard of the term cash is king well whoever’s  

controlling the cash gets to dictate who gets what such as an extension of credit

your financial status is surrendered in financial contracts

since you did not get anything of substance such as an equity position you are subject  

to the terms in other words a credit check for credit that they originally obtained from you

knowing your position in the financial supply chain helps  

strengthen your control of your financial position and this is why this will work

investors will have a more equity driven portfolio with minimal to no debt

economic power returns back to you because our method redirects rediverts and repurposes all  

investment capital into safe secure debt-free turnkey cash flowing multi-family real estate

assets now our primary focus is on multi-family complexes that will range from grades a b c and d

on occasion we may entertain a degraded property if there’s a tremendous financial upside overall

all grades have the same potential producing cash flow and bringing value to our shareholders now

this current crowdfunding method was not permitted in the 1990s as well as other opportunities that

were afforded only to other classes of investors at the time everything that i wanted to accomplish

was done through bootstrapping the projects myself i had multiple entrepreneur ventures that i used

that i used to stair step my way up and like many stores before and after mine there was a point

i was living in my car on a temporary basis while using it to run my business

i was introduced into real estate in the mid-1990s  by my then mentor he told me he would help me

but i had to put into work while building up my small logistics business i was studying

and researching real estate investing real estate investing under his guidance and within six months

i had acquired close to half a million dollars worth of real estate and from there it just took 

off legislation at the time did not allow for general solicitation to non-accredited investors

and it was more difficult and more expensive to even consider trying to raise capital directly

from the public over the years i had acquired and controlled several million dollars’ worth 

of real estate until 2008 where i had to sell because of the market downturn 

but i maintained my logistic business all the way up until 2012 and that same year the jobs act

was signed into law in that time at that time and i knew what was about to happen it was not until

to the to the 2016th amendment that i was able to start my investment strategy i had envisioned 20

years earlier acquiring real estate involves a lot of moving parts but one of the main collaborations

that is needed is with professional brokers who will have access and they also prepare all the

analytical data on the real estate and the market and then you have uh small business owners who

are heavily leveraged their real estate is heavily leveraged and they need a way out without having

to lose uh the built-up equity they have in their properties the most important element

is you providing capital in exchange for equity allows the community to actually have ownership 

and real estate without the hassle of managing or dealing with unexpected issues that may arise

and you the investor have the power to create a financial market that benefits you directly

you the people the underserved market the neglected market and the retail investors

remember you fund the entire economy by being unaware that the process has been manipulated

and that your financial growth has been has been restricted in order to prevent

you from discovering your real financial value and being properly compensated for it what makes you 

our powerful weapon is our discern for greed and our willingness to give you equitable ownership  

and direct profits and to directly profit share with you because think about it when we grow you

will grow there’s no greater power than actual process progress i believe in this method and

it is the product because it’s the product of my life’s work all the years of studying  

several business plans trying to perfect the approach sleepless nights the rejections

negativity and hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own personal money to keep the project alive 

and hoping that one day the laws would change so i can bring this opportunity to you over the 

years the concept has been validated through the original term of crowdfunding people were

funding projects for small perks like a thank you a t-shirt or just because they wanted to help now 

we can give back and help potentially enrich these same people by giving them

equity ownership and the ability to profit share with them under the new jobs act because if they

were willing to help change our lives then we should be willing to help change theirs

when it comes to business i have a fairly decent track record when it comes to getting real estate

deals done now i’m no guru by any means but i bring a solid hands-on experience to the table

now i don’t deal in theories at all all my real estate financial experience and

education over the last 25 years has all been practical tested and has been validated

educating and placing the needs of investors has always been my first priority

this is something my parents experienced firsthand as they were my first investors i’m a regular guy  

who’s a husband father son and brother that is trying to carve a niche market out of this overly  

complicated financial web of commerce by helping my fellow members of society at the same time  

most by bringing in a new to market real estate investment cooperative it will allow for an

additional investment model that current and new investors can utilize to enhance their portfolios

and it will bring strong competition to reits real  estate funds and the like that have a more of a

one-size-fits-all restrictive model we believe the  jobs that caused an unnatural rush to the market

of business opportunities that were fairly new to the crowdfunding concept  

and this called them to be vetted under under  the traditional venture capitalist uh capital

method instead of the actual crowdfunding method there was a lot of adjustments being made which

caused confusion because the crowdfunding method was being mixed with the venture capitalist method

venture capitalist was the traditional way it was pre-jobs act and for some reason it  

took center stage overshadowing the real crowdfunding concept under the jobs act  

this affected small businesses like myself like mine and new investors like you when it came to

a financial choice our business plan is based on the crowdfunding method a clear definitive choice

for you we never had to adjust our position regarding our original niche market like  

other businesses had to do no one was catering to the core concept of real estate investment 

so we stayed focused on that and waited until the market rush frenzy stabilized before we presented

what we believe is a solid innovative investment strategy for our market of neglected and

underserved investors we are looking to raise the initial 5 million for the acquisition of turnkey

multi-family real estate assets of various asset types as we stated earlier in addition to this we  

have earmarked a little over a hundred thousand to finish up our regulation a plus filing process

that will enable us to raise additional capital up to 75 million dollars for real estate acquisitions

and issue free trade and shares directly to our investors via our website once  

qualified by the sec an additional hundred thousand will be used simultaneously to start 

the application process for our direct listing on the new york stock exchange american  

to get dtc eligibility to get a chief number a ticker symbol a market maker and registration 

of the share that we plan to list for trading to provide immediate liquidity for you i’d like to

say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to get to know us and consider this investment

we are grateful and thankful to those who have already participated  

and we look forward to serving and bringing hope to the underserved neglected market

investors in all communities thanks again you can check out our website at and follow us on twitter for updates at consumer co-ops


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