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Negotiable Instruments Part 1

US Gold Certificates

The first of many parts establishing the basis on how the government, corporations and the banks steal the peoples negotiable instruments and illegally trade them on the securities market to investors without disclosure and on how they obtained ownership (control) of the instruments. This is the precursor to establishing your identity as the creditor and how good debt and bad debt plays a major role to your financial status in commerce.


how you guys doing this is the remedy government and banking fraud via

negotiable instruments part one the topic today is what is the negotiable

instrument and the ghost of our instruments is anything with a without a

signature that authorizes a financial transaction such as a promise every note

credit card receipt loan documents applications of all types credit card

applications job applications government assistance insurance policies your

utilities voter registration cards tax returns and the list goes on ecting

policy would be explained in another video what is the money exchanger as

stated earlier your promissory note is a negotiable instrument and has value

based on the dollar amount stated within the instrument the bank as a money

exchanger is licensed to exchange all types of negotiable instruments from one

form to another since your promissory note is payable in u.s. dollars that

will be the type of currency you you will receive as payment for your

promissory note minus a small exchange fee by the bank sounds very simple but

the bank has another agenda who owns the promissory note these type of questions establish a foundation for understanding contract law this shows the lack of ability to contract and the bank takes advantage of this and give the appearance that they are providing a unique service no one in their right

mind would give away their property for free and then turn around and make

monthly payments on the same property in order to own it you are already the

owner and the bank drafts the promissory note in a way that transfer the

ownership rights without monetary compensation to you you heard me

correctly the bank has to actually purchase your promissory note in order

to claim ownership rights to it that sounds crazy we cannot own anything without first purchasing it right that is the main rules of Commerce the laws that regulate buyers and sellers if the bank truly purchase your instrument legally then it should have provided you with a purchase receipt standard business practice you own your promissory note how do you know this because you negotiated it with your original signature and your signature is the only one on the document your signature is what you call your intellectual property it is unique to you and you are the sole owner of it your signature represents the power of authorization and without it nothing in commerce can move so banks and the government power is obtained through your signature Z of these negotiable instruments so it is very important to question the motives of the bank when signing an instrument drafted by the bank where your signature is to be placed if you own the instrument that how come the terms and conditions within the instrument only benefit the bank this is establishing a unilateral

contract which will be explained in another video you

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