Innovation is Not About Recreating the Wheel

It is about empowering the neglected & underserved market of investors

Crowdfunding: The People’s Path to Wall Street

Stop giving away your identity, lineage, vote & financial power without getting something in return. Our community needs to solidify its financial position with equity in cash-flowing real estate. A new approach on debt and how it should be eliminated, should be one of our concerns, because it is being used as a weapon to steal our equity. Join us on this journey from the JOBS ACT to Wall Street and experience the the correct way to invest in real estate as a cooperative group. We need to flex our financial buying power by recruiting 1 million members/shareholders and in doing so will position Consumer Cooperative Group and its members/shareholders in buying real estate assets debt free. Investments and memberships are affordable for all people’s situations.

have you ever questioned the system in general why are things so much easier for some

and more difficult for others i have wondered that for over two

decades now the patterns are there everything is recycled the same information is redistributed to

a different generation year after year the same business schemes over and over now you may be asking what are theseschemes real estate investing flipping houses showing you how to make x amount of money same stories different people telling them the denominator is that they tell you

but they show you nothing the substance other than just the information at hand our people are the ones who fall for this why we are in a financial race that we have not started yet so we look

at every potential opportunity as a way out there are systematic barriers in place that affect us

and limits our ability to compete economically these barriers are a burden to us and they cause

needless focus on things such as credit repair for example credit repair is a type of construct it only serves as the classification of control on who receives who does not receive any financial benefits from lending institutions this all changes now we are going to inform our people and remove the classification barriers that prevents access to financial resources i think we have to take a step back and we have to look at our brothers and sisters who are subjugated within the

legal system and lend a supporting hand by co-sponsoring their membership in the cooperative

but let me not get ahead of myself you will have sufficient time to review the campaign to understand the importance of that let’s get back on track why are we here now the jobs act we discussed earlier about classification and its attributes of who can and who cannot participate in certain investments this new piece of legislation now allows everyone the ability to financially

participate early in businesses seeking to raise capital before 2016 if we did not have assets of

1 million or more you could not invest early our time is now let that sink in for a moment so we can start spreading theword you

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