Innovation is Not About Recreating the Wheel

It is about empowering the neglected & underserved market of investors

Cooperative plus Economics equals Cooponomics

The purpose of the business’s financial tech (FinTech) is to provide affordable investment opportunities for non-accredited investors in all major domestic and international economically driven business platforms at the ground inception and place these individuals in a primary position as compared to a traditional financial institution’s underwriting methods.


my goal for the future is to get back to the basic of doing business and i mean real good business the kind that everyone will benefit from you see the concept of business is fairly simple you have an idea and a product or service that you wantto provide others but the issue is how do you become successful corporations in the corporate offices have mastered the game of business

but at what cost business is supposed to be an equal exchange between two parties and one party should never have more than an advantage than the other party so disclosure is an important

prerequisite before entering to any type of contract that is why one of my future goals is getting back to the basics by educating the public and to stop the greed on wall street sometimes things are natural with people when you feel wrong you get angry and sometimes if it is serious enough we will organize and start protesting now do we really know why we’re protesting and what was the specific what was specifically done no not really but common sense is a powerful radar for us and all we know is something is not right so another goal for me is to try to unite the people who are looking for these specifics the answers we are seeking are not at wall street itself but within the infrastructure of wall street i want to get people involved to learn the other side of the equation so we all can obtain the balance we seek in security i want to expand the cooperative business model that has been pushed to the back burner because of its fundamental change in the way things will be done in the future through cooperative memberships another element that i feel that has been neglected is the importance of business trust they provide the ultimate protection for the cooperative and its members and it will be a crucial element needed when we get to wall street once east business trust is established and the cooperative membership is up to

a certain level then we will look to pooling funds to purchase cash flow on assets such as

real estate and cooperative solar farms in which energy can be sold to local utility companies and this will provide another cash flow to the cooperative now once we have all these key elements in place we can look into we can look to go to wall street where the real money is wall street has

what you call a bull and bear market this will not apply to the cooperative because it has been structured where themembers control all the shares of stock within each business trust and the cash flowing assets are backed by the value of those now registered shares which classifies the cooperative shares as asset-backed securities thereby solidifying the wealth via wall street so overall my goals are to get members for the cooperative set them up in their own business trust

as trustees that will oversee and control the shares of stock that will be backed by the cash flow and assets that acquiredthat are acquired by pooling members then register those shares of stock with wall street via the security exchangecommission thereby establishing the wealth

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