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Buying Back Our 40 Acres and Mule as a Cooperative Group


What is Money?

They owe us interest on the land they stole, and they won’t pay. No complaints here, we will just use the system they created to buy back our real estate, take an equity interest, control the cash flow, build back our wealth as a cooperative and then hedge it on Wall Street. #cooponomics #wash.rinse.repeat

Ever wanted to invest in real estate and get passive income, without the hassle of searching for the properties, qualifying for a loan, the fix & flip game, managing & collecting rent. Here is an opportunity for you, not to only build up your passive income but indirectly own cashing flowing real estate asset via equity stock. Best part there is no qualifying and no unnecessary credit checks. #4BlackWealth #Cooponomics

Invest Now

Building financial independence through owning our equity stock direct and receiving passive income from real estate acquisitions will ensure our path to become a publicy traded company on the NYSE American. Come out to help and support this worthy community venture. People are stronger together.

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