You Invest

You Invest the minimum or more required in the offering. In exchange you will receive equity stock in the company.

This is not a REIT or FUND

We Buy

We find turn-key, multifamily real estate assets, negotiate, pay cash and close the deal. No debt, unless a deal requires an assumption of the loan, in which we will pay off within 12 months.

We Collect Rent

We start collecting cash-flow from the turn-key multifamily assets immediately after the purchase. No banks, no middleman and no debt payments.

Split the Profits

After all the expenses of running the property are paid, cash distributions may be paid out to you on a monthly basis. You can keep as income or reinvest and begin the cycle again.

Banking, Finance
& Our Stolen Identity 

as a Creditor.

The difference between a bank and you is that, a bank knows it’s a bank. A bank operates as a unit and you act separately. The bank knows its financial power comes from you and you don’t. That is why the system keeps you distracted, to prevent you from unifying, in order for the banks to keep their financial power of persuasion over the money creation process through your known & unknown checking accounts.

up to $5 Million Capital Raise

Get Equity and Passive Income from your Investment. This newly announced equity crowdfunding campaign has a goal of raising up to $5 million in capital to acquire turn-key multi family real estate in exchange for equity stock. The cooperative expands on the new disadvantaged niche market of investors who want a level financial playing field, despite basic investment knowledge.


We don't deal with money. We deal with promises to pay money and that value is stored within negotiable instruments, that we negotiate, indorse and transfer through possession to financial institutions, their agents and other third-party intermediaries.

Marketing exploits you with tales of getting rich, by making money in different ways. You have to take your mind off the money for a minute. Money only represents the value stored within a negotiable instrument. The law does not govern money. It governs the negotiable instruments that contains a promise to pay money. Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Articles 1 thru 9 covers contract law all the way to secured transactions. It is everything you need to effectively run a business and protect you from commercial debt traps within commerce.  

The banking system controls the negotiable instruments with the money component of a promise to pay money through a demand deposit account (DDA). What you don't realize is the negotiable instrument is your asset, your personal property under the law. This is never disclosed to you when you contract with the banking institutions and their agents. It is time to take control of your personal asset and take claim of your negotiable instrument and receive the proper credit to your accounts to off-set any claimed debt owed to the bank.

up to $75 Million Capital Raise

Consumer Cooperative Group has filed it’s form 1-a with the Securities & Exchange Commission. We anticipate that this filing once qualified will be the leverage we need to access the public capital markets and provide immediate liquidity to our current and future investors. To learn more on how you can invest and secure position early before this offering is qualified.


Neglected & underserved investors are low to middle income workers, families with small & teenage children, students, etc.

If you have never invested before or even if you are skeptical from past experiences. CC Group offers straight forward, easy to understand real estate investments that are affordable and give you an actual equity position in the company in return.


Entreprenuers, Middle class families with small & teenage children, who have 401k's and small to real estate holdings, etc.

Are you a little more skilled in investing. We’re a perfect and risk adverse addition to your growing portfolio. No more necessary credit checks and having equity provides the needed leverage for better terms for any future real estate acquisitions.


REIT's, Hedge Funds, ETF, Venture Capitalist, Angel Investor Networks, Angel Groups Private Equity, Family Offices, Etc.

Looking to land your fund it’s next big deal. Our proven cooperative methodology can help keep your traditional investors happy.


First, get the neglected, undeserved, sophisticated and some institutional investors involved in the process to crowdfund and raise up to $5 million in capital in exchange for restricted equity stock, in order to acquire turnkey, cash flowing multifamily real estate complexes within the United States, debt free.


Simultaneously, prepare a Reg A+ filing, which is classified as a Mini-IPO and once qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission, we can raise up to $75 million in capital from all investors types to acquire additional turnkey real estate assets in exchange for free trading equity stock in our company.

The Path to Wall Street is Simple.

Our 3 step Crowdfunding Methodology.


During the Reg A+ offering, the company will continue to make real estate acquisitions and start the application process for listing for trading, reserving a ticker symbol, applying for DTC eligibility and other regulatory requirements such as obtaining a market maker.